A Chat with Tynomi Banks!

We talk with performer Tynomi Banks about his Caribbean heritage, how he got started as a Drag Queen and what he hopes people can learn about queer culture. Recognized best for her full production performances, Banks dominates the stage while radiating a powerful but playful energy.

Her hustle led her to become the first Drag Entertainer to perform in Toronto’s Dundas Square during World Pride 2014. In just one month, during Pride 2018, she became the first Drag Entertainer to work with Hudson’s Bay Company and the only Queen to partner with Spotify for a featured playlist, which also resulted in a billboard over Dundas Square in Toronto during Pride. She has since partnered with Sephora, Shoppers Beauty, Amazon, Absolut, Netflix, Crest, and Ikea to name a few.

Banks became the first Drag Entertainer to be the trophy bearer at the 7th Annual Canadian Screen Awards. In 2021, Banks was the only drag performer to be featured in a Super Bowl ad other than RuPaul herself. Then, in February, she partnered with Black Lives Matter Canada to create and sell a line of merchandise where partial proceeds went to dismantle all forms of anti-Black racism, liberate Blackness, support Black healing, affirm Black existence, and create the freedom to love and self-determined.

Throughout her career, Tynomi Banks has become a beloved figure in the drag community, admired for her talent, professionalism, and dedication to her craft. She continues to entertain audiences with her performances on television and live shows while using her platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and representation.

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