A Rum Punch Lesson in Antigua

We stopped by Lisa Farara at Quin Farara Liquor Limited in St. Johns, Antigua. She taught us how to make a traditional rum punch even though Alain had to add his own spin.


Established in 1924, Quin Farara is the island’s longest-serving, family-owned, operated wine, spirit, and tobacco merchant. With over 90 years of trading, we have built great relationships locally and internationally to bring what they consider to be the finest selections of Wines, Spirits, and tobacco. The team makes it their business to look for new and exciting products constantly.

Their four retail locations are in some great spots. The Village walk store is on Friar’s Hill Road and is the best place to see our entire collection, with weekly wine tastings and a wide array of daily selections. In the town centre of St. John’s, you will find the original storefront, a charming old Caribbean-style building in the heart of St. John’s. For your duty-free shopping needs, see the branch at Heritage Quay. They have a larger warehouse, and central offices on Nugent Avenue are not far from St. John’s capital perimeter.

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