“Chanel” by 6DEUCE & K SHARKY

Brand New Single by 6Deuce & K Sharky

This is the reign Toronto has been waiting for and “Chanel” from 6 Deuce and Sharky hit all the right notes, literally and figuratively. The visual is clean while painting a picture of lust and anticipation. 6 Deuce has a voice of gold, the self-proclaimed king of reggae soul, singing his way into the hearts of women everywhere since stepping foot into the music business. While Sharky showcases the smooth lyrics of a man that has been around the block, his use of autotune is akin to a man playing the piano and he knows it. “Chanel” is an ode to beautiful women everywhere and they casually walk your girlfriends right out of their panties (that’s if they’ re wearing any lol). Riding the wave of the radio smashes “Cuffin Season” and “ One Two”, as well as Sharky’s countless features, this 1 bang and will only help to push these 2 men’s careers to the next level.    In the words of a man #followthetide.



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