Spice up your Christmas with Chef Aaron Julien!

Hailing from the spice island of Grenada, Chef Aaron Julien is a much-needed breath of fresh air to the Caribbean culinary field.  Chef Aaron’s contribution to our Caribbean Christmas Dinner is Breadfruit Salad and Stew Pork.  Using recipes taught to him by his grandmother as well as his knowledge of spices, Chef Aaron’s dish is something you need to try yourself.  If you want to, you can visit him at Rivers Restaurant & Bar in Toronto to sample some amazing Grenadian food. 

Hailing from the Spice Island of Grenada, Chef Aaron Julien knows how to keep your taste buds wanting more. He mixes resh traditional island flavours with organic Western twists.  You can follow him at instagram.com/the_rivers_restaurant_and_bar/

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