“Indulge in the Spirit of the Season: Chef Amanda’s Culinary Delight – A Caribbean Christmas Dinner Highlight featuring Traditional Guyanese Pepperpot!”

Chef Amanda Chow from Palm Court Restaurant & Bar prepares us a traditional Guyanese Pepperpot.

Pepperpot is a traditional dish served at Christmas and other special events. Along with chicken curry and cook-up rice, it is one of Guyana‘s national dishes.

Pepperpot is a stewed meat dish, strongly flavoured with cassareep (a special sauce made from the cassava root) and other basic ingredients, including Caribbean hot peppers. Beefpork, and mutton are the most popular meats, though some have been known to use chicken.

Pepperpot is popularly served with dense Guyanese-style homemade or home-style bread, rice, or roti. It can also be served with boiled vegetables such as cassava, eddoes, sweet potatoes, and green or ripe plantains.

Palm Court Restaurant & Bar provides an escape from the city through the senses with savoury dishes and fruit-filled blends of cocktails inspired by islands throughout the Caribbean. They combine traditional preparations with local ingredients for dishes authentic to their Caribbean and Asian origins. Bringing Durham Region and North Oshawa the newest Caribbean Chinese restaurant.

Special Thanks to our segment partner – Guyana Tourism Authority

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