Do you want to invest in the Jamaica Tourism Industry?

We attended the first-ever Jamaica Tourism Investment Forum at the Toronto Region Board of Trade centre. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about the benefits of looking at Jamaica and the Caribbean as an investment destination for the Caribbean Diaspora and those who love the Caribbean.

There was a special fireside chat with Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica Tourist Board, Director of Tourism, Donovan White and Stephen Charoo, Consul – Trade & Investment Canada Region, at the Consulate General of Jamaica/JAMPRO.

During that informative talk, they discussed several topics, including;

  • Opportunities for investment in real estate
  • Hotel development and linkages to the manufacturing, agriculture and transportation sectors
  • Benefits of investment in Jamaica’s tourism sector
  • Jamaica’s efforts to sustain an inclusive and resilient tourism product

One of the forum’s highlights was the focus on the development of the parish of St. Thomas. This comprehensive includes 51 projects for implementation over the next decade to 2030. Out of this project, 40 of them are being led by the Ministry of Tourism. St. Thomas has been selected as a parish ripe for growth through the development of numerous attractions with a focus on spas and retreats. Its location is suitable for developing various tourist accommodations. Its proximity to Kingston, notably the Norman Manley International Airport, suggests significant tourism development is possible, which will spark the parish’s overall social and economic development.

Photos courtesy of Jamaica Tourist Board Canada and George Pimentel

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