“Explore the Cinematic Journey of a Nigerian-Canadian Filmmaker and His 12-Year Labor of Love.

We delve into the fascinating world of Lonzo Nzekwe, a prolific Nigerian-Canadian filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. Uncover his inspiring story and the completion of his decade-long passion project, the film ‘Orah.

Nzekwe, a self-taught filmmaker, has left an indelible mark in transnational Nigerian cinema. Discover his acclaimed debut film, ‘Anchor Baby,’ which premiered at the prestigious Harlem International Film Festival in 2010, securing the Best Film award. Notably, ‘Anchor Baby’ found its way to Netflix on May 20, 2020. His second creation, ‘Meet The Parents,’ earned him the esteemed “Best Short Film” accolade at the 2016 Africa Movies Academy Awards (AMAA).

In addition to his filmmaking prowess, Nzekwe co-founded FEVA TV, the first black-owned 24-hour Canadian television network, where he served as CEO from 2013-2015. Stay tuned as he continues contributing actively to content distribution and creation through his film production and streaming venture, Ironflix. Join us on Lonzo Nzekwe’s impactful journey in the world of cinema and beyond.”

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