Get Ready for Carifest aka Calgary Carnival 2023!

From Friday August 16 – August 18, 2023 come and be amazed at the sights and sounds of the Caribbean at the 2023 Carifest all happening at Shaw Millenium Park in Calgary, Canada. Over the weekend, the festival will include the best in CAribbean food, culture, music and a grand parade.

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About Calgary Caribbean Carnival

The Calgary Caribbean Carnival, formerly known as Carifest, is an annual cultural celebration held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This event is a celebration of the vibrant Caribbean culture, traditions, and heritage, bringing a taste of the islands to Calgary.

How We Got Started
In the 1980’s a group of individuals from the Caribbean community formed the CanCarib Association. These individuals believed they had a responsibility to educate the community about the Caribbean culture because they wanted the community to know that the culture was more than just food and music. The Association was eventually renamed to The Caribbean Community Council of Calgary.

Carifest grew year after year to become the city’s largest festival. Attendees such as the Prime Minister, dignitaries from other countries and international artists have all travelled to take part of the festivities. Carifest effectively raised the inquisitiveness of the community with more than 20,000 attending the Sunshine Market during the Saturday event.

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