Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park expands with Coral Carnival.

The Grenada Tourism Authority has unveiled the 31 new sculptures to be added to the underwater sculpture park – a thriving underwater oasis that has become a symbol of art, conservation and cultural pride in Grenada.

The Coral Carnival, comprising 25 sculptures made from marine-grade cement and sustainable materials, dives deep into Grenadian carnival culture. It beautifully portrays the Jab Jab, Vieux Corps, Shortknee, Wild Indian, and Pretty Mas traditions, bringing our heritage beneath the waves. Returning to where it all began, trailblazing sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor brings this carnival celebration to life. He also added two replacement masterpieces to the exhibit – the Lost Correspondent and Un-Still Life. These sculptures captivate the eyes and remind us of the vital connection between art and nature.

They also unveiled four sculptures, meticulously crafted by the talented local artist Troy Lewis, using materials sourced right here in Grenada. These sculptures pay tribute to our heritage and culture, with the Leatherback Turtle, Mama Glo, La Diablesse, and Bele Dancer taking centre stage.

Inspiration for the Coral Carnival, Bele Dancer and La Diablesse came from the winning designs of a local design competition run by the GTA and the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management Inc. in 2018 and is a testament to the creativity and artistry flourishing in our community.

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