Ontario Online Schools

We have a candid conversation with Daniel Maveneka, Principal and Jonathan Hood, Director of Outreach for Ontario Online schools about how their school offers senior high school credit courses including some special ones that are needed in these current times. They offer an accredited Ontario high school curriculum. Their multicultural team is to provide affordable quality education to high social risk indexes and immigrants. Their major goal is to provide students with affordable education and opportunities, that would otherwise not receive this chance in their neighborhood’s public schools. The formula they are using is to have teachers that are professionals in their fields teach their online classes. The team consists of professionals originating from Canada to Africa, and from the Caribbean to India. With this formula, they offer students guidance on how to better navigate their future university experience as well as life itself. Ontario Online Schools’ primary goal is, to offer quality private school options online for those that normally can’t afford it. They chose an Asynchronous online platform, which gives students from lower-income communities the option to study and work if needed. Their platform works well on all devices, PC’s, phones, tablets, and can be reached via their website or their special App.

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