Scotts Head Peak & Champagne Reef Dominica

While in Dominica, our guest host SocaDread climbed Scotts Head Peak. Scotts Head is a tiny village on the southwest coast of Dominica, Scotts Head overlooks Soufrière Bay — one of the most popular diving and snorkelling destinations in the world.

After his trek, he went with Gus from Creole Divers Dominica to snorkel at Champagnes Reef. The Reef is named for the bubbling waters rising from volcanic thermal springs on the ocean floor, Champagne Reef attracts diving and snorkelling enthusiasts from around the world. The reef’s plummeting cliffs and towering volcanic formations perfectly match Dominica’s massive mountains and gorges. Whether diving or snorkelling in these warm waters, you’ll encounter a dazzling explosion of colour.

The reef holds a paint box of sponges with names like pink azure, red rope, yellow tube, and purple vase, to name just a few. And greeting you as you go are countless crinoids — also known as water lilies. These marine animals attached themselves to coral and sponges, waving delicate tubular wands of red, yellow, each one hypnotizing in its beauty.

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