Spice Mas 2023 is in full swing in Grenada with the excitement of Carnival 2023!

Grenada Carnival is in full swing as the island is celebrating its Carnival season. Monday Night Mas, the most popular event for the season, happens tonight, and thousands of revellers will participate in one of the most popular Jouvert celebrations in the Caribbean.

Grenada Carnival is a time of joy, unity, and celebration for residents and visitors. It reflects the island’s rich history and diverse cultural influences while serving as a platform for local artists and performers to showcase their talents internationally. There are several competitions for the season, and many winners have been crowned, including

2023 Grenada Calypso Monarch – Rootsman Kelly

2023 Grenada Power Soca Monarch – Terra D Governor

2023 Grenada Groovy Soca Monarch – Boyzie

2023 Grenada Panorama Champions – Nexa New Dimension Steel Orchestra

Spice Mas in Grenada typically takes place in early August and spans several days, featuring a vibrant and colourful celebration of the island’s unique culture, music, dance, and heritage.

The carnival includes a variety of events and activities, such as:

  1. Calypso and Soca Competitions: These are musical competitions where local artists perform their original compositions in the genres of calypso and soca, often addressing social and political issues in a humorous and satirical manner.
  2. Steel Pan Competitions: Steel pan orchestras or steel bands showcase their musical prowess, competing with captivating performances that highlight the intricate sounds of the steel pan instruments.
  3. J’ouvert: This pre-dawn street party kicks off the carnival festivities. Participants cover themselves in paint, mud, or oil, dancing and revelling in the streets while soca music blares from sound systems.
  4. Carnival Parades: The carnival culminates in colourful and energetic parades featuring elaborate costumes, vibrant floats, and lively music. These parades often attract both locals and tourists alike.
  5. Pageantry: The carnival also includes beauty pageants, such as the Miss Grenada and the Queen of the Band competitions, where participants showcase their poise, elegance, and cultural pride.
  6. Traditional Mas: This aspect of Carnival celebrates traditional Grenadian culture and history through costumes, dances, and performances that pay homage to the island’s African and indigenous roots.
  7. Food and Craft Fair: Local cuisine, arts, and crafts are showcased during the carnival, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Grenada’s cultural offerings.

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