Toronto Community Benefits Network

We talk with Rosemarie Powell, Executive Director for the Toronto Community Benefits Network, an organization that is working to help create more opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities and dismantle systemic racism in the trades industry.


The Toronto Community Benefits Network has built a strong community-labour partnership with a support base of workforce development agencies, learning institutions, and funders. Collectively, they are having an impact on how the development process works, guided by the principles of the foundation document crafted by our members and supporters. TCBN envisions Toronto as an inclusive, thriving city in which all residents have equitable opportunities to contribute to healthy communities and a prospering economy. The expansion of transit now happening in Toronto will result in opportunities for good jobs and create markets for new businesses. It will also set the conditions for economic growth and intensification of urban areas around a network of mobility hubs. We believe that all Torontonians should have access to these opportunities stemming from infrastructure investments.

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