We Run The Town Remix with Idris Elba, Bunji Garlin, Naomi Cowan, General Levy, and Toddla T is burning the Reggae music charts!

Renowned British actor and DJ, Idris Elba, has enthusiastically embraced the soca genre. Collaborating with soca sensation Bunji Garlin (Ian Alvarez) and the dynamic DJ/production ensemble Jus Now, Elba presents the soca remix of his drum & bass creation, “We Run the Area.” This vibrant rendition also showcases the talents of UK music icons General Levy (Paul Levy) and Toddla T (Thoms Bell).

Adding to the lineup, Jamaican reggae luminary Naomi Cowan contributes her presence to the soca remix of the track. Scheduled for release on August 11 via Elba’s 7Wallace music label, this song is poised to significantly impact the upcoming 2023 Notting Hill Carnival in London, England.

The original creation was masterminded by Toddla T, while the remix came to life under the skilled hands of Jus Now, a London-based production collective comprising Keshav Chandrath Singh, Sam Interface, as well as fresh talents Blasé Vanguard and Serocee.

Describing the collaborative effort, a fusion of talents emerged: Toddla, Trinidadian artist General Levy, Jamaican emerging star Naomi Cowan, and the multi-talented Idris embarked on a single that reverberates with the essence of UK Garage. Exploring various remixes, Toddla took the initiative to introduce a soca variant by enlisting the prowess of Jus Now and Bunji. The intent was to unleash a soca remix in anticipation of the forthcoming Notting Hill Carnival. Within a remarkably short span, the stems were exchanged, resulting in a sped-up, high-energy soca rendition, further enhanced by the vocals contributed by Bunji in just a matter of days.

Toddla T is a prominent figure in the UK DJ scene, renowned for his immense popularity. He is also credited as the producer behind the hit track “Boasty.”

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