Sweet N Nice Ice Cream

Sweet N Nice Ice Cream is a premium Caribbean Ice Cream which has been around since 1946. We speak with CEO Andrew McBarnett about he is keeping his grandfather’s legacy alive while moving the business to new heights. Neale’s Sweet ‘n Nice ice cream with its unique taste and rich heritage was founded by Charles A. Neale, our grandfather, in the 1940′s in Trinidad. Neale discovered the talent of making ice cream at a young age and with his top-secret recipe in conjunction with the locally obtained exotic fruits and flavours, he transformed this talent into a lucrative business. With its premium quality and unforgettable taste, Neale’s Sweet ’n’ nice changed the ice cream industry in Trinidad forever. Before his death in the late 80′s, Charles transferred this knowledge and we have kept his legacy alive. Today when you try this unique ice cream you can’t help but say between mouthfuls “mmmm…. Sweet n’ Nice”

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